Parents are expected to co-operate with the school for all round development of child. They are requested.

  • To maintain regular contact with school either by dairy or by personal presence.
  • To attend all parents - teachers meet and discuss students progress with tachers.
  • To read and sign the dairy daily without any gap.
  • To not enter the classrooms during school hours
  • To send the child in neat and clean uniform, well equipped with all required materials like copies, books, dairy, geometry box, lunch box etc.
  • To inform the school authorities in case of change of address or phone number.

Student-Teacher Interaction

The school faculty is appointed carefully and in-service professional development is undertaken, A teacher is mother, friend, guide and a philosopher for the child. Hence, there is a team of trained, experienced, motivated, result oriented and affectionate teachers who understands the child's psychology in order to interact in such a way as to ensure all round development in every indivudual child. Teaching methodologies with a trust on concept learning and better understanding. We always try to give students a natural environment, channeling freedom and friendly accpetance on the part of the teacher, so that a strong life long student - teacher relationship, where love and respect are cultivated to achieve maximum propinquity between them.

The special duty arrangements are being made at the time of prayer, meals and games so that the students can be taught good manners and etiquette the same unconsciously in routine.

Parent-Teacher Interaction 

Parent - Teacher interaction also plays an important role in the development of the child. It enables us to discuss the performance of the child not only in the school but also outside. We hope to have regular meetings with parents to keep improving and keep abreast of change. During parent - teacher meet the school is off for the students.